Specialized Mosquito Control has Arrived in NW Metro MN

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Mosquito Shield - Northwest Metro Minnesota
It's your yard, enjoy it!

We've all heard the old joke: Mosquitoes are the unofficial Minnesota state bird! And during the warm weather months, when you’re hosting a neighborhood get together or trying to enjoy a backyard barbecue, it can feel like you’re under attack.

With Mosquito Shield – Northwest Metro Minnesota, you can attack back.

Enjoy your yard all day, every day – no hassles, no worries.

Mosquito Shield® is a professionally applied spray that kills and repels dangerous and annoying mosquitoes and ticks. Our special spray technology maximizes effectiveness and our triple level approach kills mosquitoes, masks your CO2 (which makes you invisible to mosquitoes) and repels mosquitoes so they won’t come back.

Ready to tell mosquitoes to buzz off? Find out if Mosquito Shield – Northwest Metro Minnesota serves your area.